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Basement Remodeling Design

A basement-remodeling contractor could convert the boring basement in to basement bedrooms and bathrooms, bar, home gym, storage house with shelves, home theaters, home offices and game rooms. Improving the basement design could be as easy as adding windows, panels, stairways and posts. Heating is an important aspect of basement remodeling, ensuring proper climate control by using insulation, water proofing in the basement. Add your personal basement design touch with paintings and furnishings...

basement remodeling


A small sample of our refinished basement work.

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Many Connecticut homes have basements; consider remodeling them so they become a functional room in your home. Having a creatively designed Basement to use daily as a functional room in the home is like adding a ‘new room' to the already existing rooms in your house. However, before you move ahead with your basement remodeling plans, there are a few essential points that you must bear in mind. Firstly, the basements may suffer from occasional dampness and flooding. Your basement remodeling plans must make way for appropriate measures to take care of this problem. Install the necessary equipments such as dehumidifiers in your basement and get it waterproofed. Next, the air circulation and ventilation requires close attention. Basements are closed spaces, to ensure their effective usage, proper ventilation and air circulation is necessary.

Popular basement remodeling design ideas use partitions. Many people like to make a functional room and still have a place for storage, creating different rooms is mote functional than one huge open space. We can easily apply our home improvement skills working with custom trim work and tile work to complete a finished basement and improve your home remodeling plans. If this part of your home is finished then consider yourself lucky. If you are looking for a basement-remodeling contractor, Graniello Builders has over 30 years in basement remodeling design. Just tell us what you want and we will have a look at the project and give you a free basement-remodeling estimate. Show us what you want and identify trouble spots such as lowered ceilings, enclosed boiler rooms, and ductwork. Second, the space must not leak. We can repair and control moisture and eliminate dangerous and damaging problems including the growth of mold...